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From Across The Pond: Deadpool

Do you ever watch an amazing movie but you know you’re late as fuck? Yea, that’s me right now. I had time to kill on the plane so I watched Deadpool: a movie I had put down as yet another predictable blockbuster, but turned out to be quite interesting on many levels. It’s kinda known for it’s semi-avant-garde approach – & I insist on the semi part – so I guess I’m really just two thousand & late. What, don’t like my 2009 Fergie reference? Fuck off while I pump my lady lumps to My Humps.

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Dangerous Woman: A Reminder of Ariana’s Grand Potential

Ariana Grande released her brand new album Dangerous Woman about a week ago & it’s worth a listen or two. After destroying the mainstream with her previous album My Everything, which is literally EVERYTHING, the ex-Disney star is back & ready to slay. *attempts a death drop & fails miserably*

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It’s Buzzcut Season anyway

Art is usually better off unexplained: people can have different interpretations of the same piece & that’s what makes the process so powerful. Depending on your feelings & your emotions, or your background & your mood, your reaction to the portrayal of a crime scene may differ from your friend’s who’s witnessed their parents’ murder at the age of 12. Put simply, one might see an agonizing pooch while the other sees a life-changing fountain of truth. It is therefore fair to say that explanation kills art – yes, I dared use that quote floating around Tumblr – but I’m in the mood for some action, i.e., murder.

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Life Tips with the Simpsons

Do you ever wake up & feel the urge to vomit all of your thoughts? Today is that kind of day. I’m usually much more of an advocate of honouring your vomit – regurgitating all of your cogitation only to reshape & refine it into a polished product – but this post is more of a no filter kind of post.

With no particular main idea, let the Simpsons rattle you as I take you through some thoughts.

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Can Iggy join the TEAM?

Iggy Azalea recently released a new track titled Team & I can’t help but wonder if it’s enough to win her audience back, but most importantly: can it make up for the hurt she’s supposedly caused?

After being called out for cultural appropriation, the controversial rapper carefully retracted herself from her newest video release & conceded the spotlight to diversified ethnic groups, strategically shining a light on black women, & men.

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RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 8: 9 moments that had us GAG-GING!

If you’re very much into gay culture, or whoever you are really, you’ve probably been waiting for RPDR’s season 8 like

joslyn legs.gif

& Even though we’ve only gotten 2 episodes as of today, the queens have us gagging already. So without further ado, here are, in no particular order, 9 gasp worthy moments this season.

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Should I wear my heels to court?

I was attending an academic conference the other day, held by the feminist committee of the Faculty of Law of UdeM, during which an experienced lawyer gave advice, woman to woman, to students who were planning on pursuing a career in law. In short, here are her words.

wear something black

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The Art of Darkness Never Fades

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Honeymoon – Track by Track Review

Lana Del Rey’s latest album has been out for quite a long time now, but at least I’ve had time to bathe in the music, unlike some overnight reviews.

lana twirl.gif

Although Lana did not fully reinvent herself, she was able to create a distinct piece of work with this record. It stands on its own & it does not sound unfinished or bottomless; every track conveys a well-defined atmosphere, resulting in an overall sharp outcome.

Without further ado, here’s my track-by-track review of Honeymoon.

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