Lady Gaga’s new single has been out since Friday & has already topped the iTunes charts in more than 60 countries, a perfect delusion given that it has barely sold 100K in the US. Oh wow, no negativity on this site thank u.

Produced by Kevin Parker, Mark Ronson, BloodPop & the Gags herself – no typo detected – Perfect Illusion is everything we ever wanted: no glitz, no glam, just a rockstar.

rock gaga emmys.gif

While the track is incomparable to her previous lead singles, it is a definite banger. The discharge of vibrational energy sent through the arrangements shape the song to be the quick drug of the album rather than the deeper complex anthem – kind of like Applause, except they’re nothing alike.

The song itself is nothing special if you ask me, but at this point who even cares – what matters here is that she’s serving husky vocals, a painful delivery, an unedited piece of her guts. She’s always given us reckless music, but for the first ever she’s not afraid to let go of the boundaries of production. She’s giving you something that could’ve been recorded live on stage, a rough sound, an unfiltered cadence. Quite frankly, we asked for an unplugged era & we got it, so pressed stans can find their way out – the door’s right there, down the hall on your left.

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As we can see next, Gaga claims she’s always been herself through the outlandish outfits & unorthodox makeup. Creating a fantasy precisely to express herself, she never intended to build a celebrity character under which she could hide:

“I wouldn’t say that it’s more stripped back, & I actually don’t ever view myself as a persona. I know I change, & I know people see that & they go ‘oh the outfits go from this to that from album to album’ but I just become what I am, given what I’m creating. It’s always actually the opposite of hiding. For me, in my mind, I’ve always been revealing myself through those expressions.”

While she does make a valid point, I can’t help but see her unravel into her true self. It is poignant to witness her drastic metamorphosis & it seems as thought she’s been waiting her whole life to become this queen of ripped denim & carefree anti-couture – it’s what she was born to rock, with nothing on her mind but to fuck shit up. Trust me, she wasn’t kidding when she said she was quitting pop music.

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From what I’ve seen, she was ready to alter her sound in the beginning in order to get the recognition & the following and eventually get her message across. Now that it’s been milked, she’s moved on to her actual sound, that raunchy fuckery she’s most comfortable with.

However, I’ll give it to her, she’s an ever-changing jazz art pop punk actress fashion magazine editor & columnist crop top chic chameleon empress of music queen of haute couture devil of pop goddess of leopard print saviour of the youth – & that’s the only way she can truly be herself.


When you think about it, her latest album was the perfect transition from her three first eras to this upcoming record. If ARTPOP was a celebration of previous artifice, LG5 is its rejection. They’re both part of her in a way, but it’s relieving to see her finally project herself as a sister & a friend 24/7.

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In an era where people alter their true selves for double taps on Instagram, Gaga stuck to her guts in front of millions:

“I believe many of us are wondering why there are so many fake things around us. How do we navigate through social media? How do we look through these images that we know are filtered and altered, and decipher what is reality and what is a perfect illusion? There are also a lot of things on the internet that are not reality. And I think people are pressured to keep that personal illusion going on in their real lives. So this song is about raging against it and letting it go. It’s about wanting people to re-establish that human connection.

The track is simple but clever, as Gaga always is. In the same way that the concept of Swine was translated into the music through snorts & oinks, Perfect Illusion goes straight to the point without any mainstream build-up. The idea of letting go of the mirage of social media is put into the song structure leading to a committed unfiltered sound.

What she’s saying is ‘I’m sick of this fake world we’ve created on social media & I’m done leaving a part of myself behind just to keep up with what’s expected from me & to maintain a certain image. There’s been so much hatred sent my way, it’s just not worth it anymore & it should never be. This is me, all of me, I’m making music that I want to make & release at this point in my life & career. Take it or leave it, I’m content with being true to myself. People who truly understand my vision will go on this journey with me, & at the end of the day, they’re the ones who ever truly mattered. To the rest of you, thanks for making me a star, but I’ve decided to be human self for a while – for my sake, yours, & most of all, for my survival’.

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I mean, are you really surprised to see Lady Gaga put out a new single just to see everybody complain? Think about it, if she had released any of the top 10 songs currently playing on the radio, she would’ve been called out for her work being predictable, repetitive & not creative or meaningful enough. Point is, she can never win & it just goes to show how much potential people see in her & how high their expectations are.

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We’ve all been through this roller coaster of emotions through the eras; now tell me, have you ever seen her this happy? I’ll answer that for you, no – she’s happier than ever.

After all, if all she ever wanted in her heart was to be remembered as “a good hard working Italian American girl that came from an immigrant family”, it’s fair to say she’s done a pretty good job.