It was quite hard to contain my excitement when this gasp worthy event hit me. As Alyssa Edwards would say, not on tonight!

Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 8.59.02 PM.png

The cast of Rupaul’s Drag Race All Stars II basically decided to attend the 2016 VMAs & suck the soul out of my body. Not only did they get to promote the show, but also was it a clever way to infiltrate pop culture & push the art of drag one step closer to mainstream status.

We had Miley Cyrus bring a bunch of them on stage for a flaming performance back in 2015, & it looks like some of them brought their girlfriends out for another round.

Alaska VMAs.jpg
Alaska Thunderfuck serving 2001 Slave -4-U-Britney realness

Some even say she spent the last few weeks at the gym to be able to lift Taylor Swift on her shoulders like that.

coco vmas.jpg
Coco Montrese working the 1999 Lil Kim Fantasea lewk

It’s kinda sad she still wasn’t able to find the right shade to match her skin after being eliminated twice. Doritos to soot, still working on it!

phi phi VMAs.jpg
Roxxxy Andrews alongside Phi Phi O’Hara recreating the infamous meat dress worn by Lady Gaga in 2010 as a response to the ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell’ policy

Although this might look like Lady Gaga & a fan, these two gals are the most hated queens in Drag Race Herstory & are currently trying to win the public over by being nice on TV. They’ve both apologized for their behaviours since then & acted accordingly, something for which they should be applauded. Everybody deserves a second chance!

Ginger MinjKatya Zamo, Detox & Tatianna also graced us with their presence & marvellous faux-couture outfits full of pop references. Weirdly enough, Adore Delano was unable to attend the red carpet event as the tenth cast member, how is SHE tho?

adore belong.gif