Do you ever wake up & feel the urge to vomit all of your thoughts? Today is that kind of day. I’m usually much more of an advocate of honouring your vomit – regurgitating all of your cogitation only to reshape & refine it into a polished product – but this post is more of a no filter kind of post.

With no particular main idea, let the Simpsons rattle you as I take you through some thoughts.

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Remain composed; know when to shut the fuck up.

You do not need to discuss your achievements with every single person you meet; as a matter of fact, it will only diminish their significance. Save a life, be a hero; shout it on roof tops & you’re irrelevant. As corny as it may sound, let your work speak for itself. If you focus on the quality & the consistency of your work, people won’t have a choice but to take notice of your competence. & If it’s truly astounding, it will shine through no matter what.


It’s always tempting to play around with marketing, but be careful not to get lost in it; it is primary that you invest your time & energy in your content, which will take the lead when & if it truly deserves it. For example, posting a picture on social media at the right moment when you know everyone’s in their bed scrolling through their feed might get you more double taps, but if your post actually has substance, it will get the attention it deserves no matter what – to be completely honest, one should limit their interaction with social media as much as possible, but let’s leave that for another day.

Keep your beliefs to yourself – like, seriously.

Why do you feel the need to convince people to conform to your standards? Maybe you’ve discovered something that changed your life, but that doesn’t mean it will have the same effect on any given individual. If God has helped you through hard times, some may see it as the power of your own belief, & not the actual help of a divine entity. What needs to be understood is that every single one of us lives in a totally subjective world from which they will never be able to escape; we are doomed to see the world through our own eyes, our senses being the only way we can perceive reality. In other words, reality doesn’t exist – only yours does, & only to you.


That is specifically why it is absurd to try to convert people to whatever it is you think is a lifesaver. You don’t know what the person is going through & you probably never will. As long as they’re not hurting anyone in the process, you need to let people live their lives as they intend it because you cannot possibly know what’s best for them. Even if they’re wrong, they need to follow their own impulse in order to be content & learn from their own experiences. Remember that when you’ll be wrong, you won’t be able to realize it, so let people be. Acknowledge that you are only human & therefore a piece of trash like everybody else.

You’re alone, deal with it.

The only way you can truly be free is by accepting your solitude. We come into this world alone & we slide out of it on our own as well, the rest is an illusion, nothing but information recorded someplace in our brain. Accepting this truth is harsh, but only then will we be able to establish authentic & equal bonds. If we ignore it, our relationships will result in each other feeding off specific aspects of each other.

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As living beings, we long for attention – the love & affection of others. In order to fall asleep, we need to know that when we wake, someone will be there by our side. But truth is, this person is only there to satisfy his or her own need for company; we sustain each other.

Once we accept our loneliness, once we are at peace with the unknown, & once we put an end to our incessant need to fill the void, only then can we bathe in the universe in harmony.

Let ’em talk

Discussing people and events is a waste of time, focus on the ideas they represent in order to form a scheme of things in your mind. & Most of all, never take yourself too seriously. Admit your ignorance & let your mind bow down to the immensity of the universe. Open your mind to ease the entry of knowledge into it.

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Your body is an extension of your soul, take good care of it

Always listen to your body & let it be one with your spirit. Try to exercise whenever possible, but never push your body to an extent it is not comfortable with. Your goals or your surroundings’ expectations of you should never come in the way of your well being. Lastly, never underestimate the power of music to heal your wounds & make you feel understood.

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The internet can be a very dark place – keep your eyes on the prize

Distractions can be a lot of fun, but don’t let yourself fall too deep as you unconsciously (or consciously) try to avoid your responsibilities. Always focus on the small actions that will bring you where you want to be in the future. However, make time for yourself to do absolutely nothing, allow yourself to let go, forget your obligations, & go back to what drives you when that moment is over.


Obviously, it is quite hard to do so when you seem to be driven by absolutely nothing. Take all the time you need, but make sure you find what puts a fire in your belly. If your essence is always stimulated, it is easier to reach happiness on an everyday basis.

We are trash, but not inherently evil

In a way, human beings are not capable of evil. Every action & every word is an unconscious attempt to feel in control or to fill a void. Very often, our insecurities get the best of us & we are perceived as malicious, but really, we’re just compensating for our weakness. & The way we perceive others is dictated by those same insecurities, making it all a lie.

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We’re all going to die.

Really, all of this is nothing but a way to distract ourselves from fatality. We are nothing on our own. Our purpose is similar to that of a grain of sand on the beach. All we are is a fruit of the universe. We come, we go, and all is recycled in a bigger scheme we are too small to comprehend.