If you’re very much into gay culture, or whoever you are really, you’ve probably been waiting for RPDR’s season 8 like

joslyn legs.gif

& Even though we’ve only gotten 2 episodes as of today, the queens have us gagging already. So without further ado, here are, in no particular order, 9 gasp worthy moments this season.

Now let’s review everybody!

alaska anus.gif

1. First off, Thorgy Thor’s jumpsuit fantasy. Now that’s how you get ready for a red carpet & slay all the gown-wearing bitches around you, giving me Cher teas.

thorgy jumpsuit 1

& Let’s also take a moment to appreciate the Frida Kahlo realness she served on last week’s mini challenge. Cultural appropriation? Debatable. But isn’t the whole show problematic as hell? So is every reality TV show out there.

Frida .gif

2. Moving on to Bob The Drag Queen’s impeccable Viola Davis inspired look. The hair, the legs, the ass…

bob runway 1bob runway 2bob runway 3bob runway 4














what can I say?

bob welcome

3. Now I’m not usually into queens who make it their job to impersonate a pop star, but damn, Derrick Barry’s entrance was on point.

derrick bitchderrick 2

4. But what’s really important here is this beautiful asian creature who came to DESTROY EVERYONE with her makeup.

kim chi 2

She may have been picked last for last week’s maxi challenge because of her lack of dance skills

kim chi cry 1kim chi cry 2kim chi cry 3

But she still is the sweetest

kim chi 1


kim chi 3kim chi 4








& Fiercest queen of them all.

kim chi 5kim chi 6








Sweet & salty, she’s the whole package!

kim chi 7kim chi 8









& When the library is open, she’s ready for the job henny.

nayshasoccer mom

5. What’s great is that time when the ladies got in Formation


In AND out of drag

formation 2.gif

But then Naomi Smalls invited all of them to take a seat & leave room for her legs.

naomi down 1naomi down 2







I mean, look at them

naomi runway 1naomi runway 2

6. You may think you’re the only one fucking up the queens’ names, but even they are in the same boat – I’m way too obsessed to do so, but any given sane person might.

First we’ve got Robbie Turner assigning challenges

thorggie 1thorggie 2thorggie 3thorggie 4











Then there’s Derrick questioning Naomi’s ability to be editor-in-chief of American Vogue

nomi 1nomi 2nomi 3nomi 4











& The best one yet, Cynthia Lee Fontaine & her usual crazy self

acid berry 1acid berry 2acid berry 3acid berry 4










7. As you can see, Untucked often has juiciest moments, especially when Thorgy is giving us red velvet cheesecake couture & reading Bob’s outfit.

maid 1maid 2

Oh c’mon now, that Gone with the Window dress was ready for the curtain call!

bob curtain.gif

& She went on to read her cardboard luggage as well!


But can we all agree she still is this season’s sunshine?

thorgy sun 1thorgy sun 2







Look at them being all friendly & stuff, aww.

run into sun 1run into sun 2

8. Acid Betty is a fucking bitch & she has no problem admitting it.

acid bitch

However, she still SLAYED this outfit

money ball 1money ball 2







AND this one

acid pink 1acid pink 2










But backstage is where the real magic happens: American Horror Story: Acid Pepper

acid ahs

Ok I’m sorry that was mean.

acid betty 1

9. Last but not least, that well deserved second week double elimination. Laila & Dax may have lip synced to Gloria Gaynor’s I Will Survive, but no bitch did survive!

elimination 1elimination 2elimination 3elimination 4










Which queen will be coming back to the race? Will it be Shangela? Willam? Or perhaps a new queen? Nope, it’s probably going to be Naysha & I’m not having it… what kind of anticlimactic turnout!

ru phone 1ru phone 2






Just like Naomi’s cliffhangers, waiting a whole week is gonna be a real…

boner killer.gif