Lana Del Rey’s latest album has been out for quite a long time now, but at least I’ve had time to bathe in the music, unlike some overnight reviews.

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Although Lana did not fully reinvent herself, she was able to create a distinct piece of work with this record. It stands on its own & it does not sound unfinished or bottomless; every track conveys a well-defined atmosphere, resulting in an overall sharp outcome.

Without further ado, here’s my track-by-track review of Honeymoon.


Offering a first taste of Lana’s glittering lust, Honeymoon is a strong choice of album opener. As it combines LA’s boulevards to her invulnerable love, even its slower pace won’t lead the listener to a loss of interest. As a matter of course, a title track can hardly ever do any wrong; serving as an introduction to the album’s theme, it’s comparable to a gateway drug leading to its whimsical chore.

As for the bridge, it’s elusively exquisite & suitable to dream away your life.

Favorite lyric: There are violets in your eyes + There are roses in between my thighs

Music To Watch Boys To

This particular track invites us to bathe in Lana’s fascination for boys & pink flamingos – it’s part of her starlet aesthetic, don’t ask. Not only is this track a highlight on Honeymoon, but it’s also a focal point of her entire discography when observed from a bird’s-eye view.

Although it offers a fresh new sound in its chorus, deserving endless praise, we still get a glimpse of her earlier work through a throwback to Born To Die’s This Is What Makes Us Girls – blue ribbons on ice – & to Ultraviolence’s title track – lemonade – blending into a bewildering gem. No matter how many hoes with lies are akin to her, Lana remains unbothered & keen.

Meanwhile, the video provides underwater angels & toned hunks shooting hoops as Lana plays the guitar & sips her tropical beverage through a black & white lens. Likewise, she caresses her thighs with her usual señorita nails as she puts on her floral headphones.


Favorite lyric: Singing soft grunge just to soak up the noise

Terrence Loves You

So here we’ve got Lana mourning her lost love, referencing David Bowie’s Ground Control To Major Tom, & singing about the depth of Hollywood legends.

Before we begin, let me just say that Lana has this habit of releasing the least single worthy tracks as promotional singles prior to her albums’ releases. Whether we’re considering Ride & Blue Velvet, or even West Coast & Shades of Cool, those were never the kind of tracks that were able to burn a hook into my brain on the first listen, or maybe that’s just me.

lana terrence

Anyway, this track may be the least jam worthy, but it’s definitely earned its spot on the album. You probably won’t blast it as you perform in the shower, but it still has the power to take you to the gates of Heaven when you’re lying alone in bed at 3AM waiting for a sign, especially when the bridge hits, which is clearly the most memorable part of the song melody wise.

Favorite lyric: I still get trashed darling when I hear your tunes

God Knows I Tried

This song was the first to bewitch my soul; it is glorious from start to finish.

Fearing the demise of her spirit in the bright lights, the infamous character anonymously lives her life as she inhales colored skies. The fame she has reached has brought her endless satisfaction & she isn’t hungry for more.

On Monday they destroy me, but by Friday I’m revived. What kind of blessing are these lyrics.

While the chorus might seem too stretched out for some, let us take a moment to appreciate the illustrious & divine bridge this track has given us. Once again, heavenly triumphant.

lana dancing

Favorite lyric: I feel free when I see no one & nobody knows my name

High By The Beach

Now this track was a great choice of single; slick & haunting, it is one the most, if not THE most single worthy groove on Honeymoon.

Lana seems to be experiencing a torn relationship in which she can’t make up her mind: what’s worse, loving him or leaving? The video, which is funny as hell for some reason, gives us a taste of her hiding place & depicts Lana shooting her lover after he successfully tracks her down. What a lovely way to make him understand it’s over; peace by vengeance brings the end. She’s had it, officially! See what I did there? Forever referencing Drag Race.


The video also allows us to make sense of the helicopter sounds in the beginning of the song. Being a sucker for cohesive art, it’s always appreciated. & What is dandy as well for hardcore fans is the reference to Lana’s unreleased work. Indeed, lights, camera, acción can also be heard in Put Me in a Movie, Heavy Hitter & Daddy Issues.

Favorite lyric:



This track feels very reminiscent of Florida Kilos – an Ultraviolence track – but not in a way that she’s repeating herself sonically. Its theme follows the same seduction to get a man to move to her town, except it takes place in California instead of Florida, & she tries to convince him with romantic slow dancing instead of cocaine. They might have to sacrifice their anonymity to be together, but it’s worth it as long as they’re burning up like blue flames. Yes, they’re that hot.

lana freak

The bridge brings back the usual rough daddy & submissive starlet theme, but she can keep bringing it back for the next 10 albums for all I care, it’s her thing & she does it well.

I’d also like to take this moment to express my gratitude for the last chorus’ back up vocal. *Takes on a sultry voice* take it to the back if you really wanna talk.

Favorite lyric: Leather black & eyes of blue

Art Deco

This title alone is enough to make this a distinguished track. But in all seriousness, the most compelling aspect here is the transition from the previous song; if you listen closely, a state of euphoria can be reached with the subtlest sounds.

Another noteworthy facet of the song is its rose-coloured starlet theme, which is very evocative of Carmen’s.

lana carmen

Favorite lyric: Shining like gun metal, cold & unsure

Burnt Norton (Interlude)

Soft voice, slight sounds, typical mood for a Lana song. But it’s the first ever interlude we’ve gotten from her, & it’s pretty great once you’ve given time for its lyrics to make sense in your mind.

Here’s what I’ve gotten from it: all we do is dream about time future, which holds time past & time present. Truthfully, it is impossible to reclaim time present. What could’ve happened & what did happen both lead to the present. So as we fatally remain in time present, here’s the reality that could’ve been ours, which leads us to the next track, Religion, a.k.a. The Rose Garden.


Peace of mind, truthful lover & endless bliss, this is the honeymoon Lana wants to be on. Making a cult of her companion, sucking his dick is how she prays. Don’t be ashamed, she’s really just exposing every bottom’s fairyland.

lana angel fucked.gif

Time past forgotten & time future assured, all that is left is gratitude towards the serenity of time present.

And of course, Lana likes to remind us of how she, as part of humanity’s elite, will smoothly sit by & live through as we perish, once the illuminati decides to exterminate 90% of the human population so our breed can see the light. Even when the storms come, in the eye we’ll stay.

lana diamond

Favorite lyric: No need to survive now, all we do is play


As Lana said herself, this one right here has a very different sound to it when compared to the rest of the album. Its Old world, Italian feel will instantly resonate with your soul, unless your heart is made of concrete.

Now on to the lyrics. Even though he’s the king of both beatboxing & rap and jazz & blues, Lana plans on leaving her hunter on the edge a little longer as she licks her soft ice cream. You also might catch her working on her tan.

What is also interesting here is the camouflaged bank commercial. I’ll let you do the math.

  1. I’m in regine, tangerine dream; Salvatore by Lana Del Rey
  2. I found the devil, I found him in a lover, & his lips like tangerine; Coming Down by Halsey
  3. & This subtle instagram post by Lady Gaga:


Favorite lyric: Dying by the hand of a foreign man, happily

The Blackest Day

You’re deader than ever, because yes, there is such a thing as degrees of death.

The lyrical theme of this song is very reminiscent of Lana’s earlier work, but it still serves a purpose. It’s sort of like a final bejeweled product taking its source in the depths of a profound cave. Her Romeo is gone & it’s the end of the world she’s created for herself.

lana shades

You might also stumble across a few funny lines like It’s not simple, it’s trigonometry, but she assures you it’s not a phase or just a song, she really is being dragged to the pits of hell.

Finally, we get yet another taste of Lana’s obsession with tones of blue, & this time it’s her nail polish. She undoubtedly does refer to it all through her work: in terms of song titles, we’ve got Blue Jeans & Blue Velvet, as well as unreleased tracks like Baby Blue Love (baby blue can also be heard in Daddy Issues), & in terms of lyrics, we can hear dark blue in Black Beauty – not to mention sparrow blue & ocean blue – as well as on this record’s title track, among others. It’s her favorite color & her favorite tone of song.

Favorite lyric: Wind in my hair, holding your hand, listen to our song


There’s only 24 hours in a day, & her beau somehow finds a way to accomplish the unthinkable. Yeah right.


Just another song proving just how much Lana enjoys being a bad boy’s dearest. In this case, he’s an actual murderer, & although she’s lecturing him, she’s still sleeping with him.

This song might be some people’s least favorite on the album, but it still does carry an irreplaceable & unique vibe. Not to mention the love & adoration I have for its bridge, which is very evocative of Lana’s peachy vocals in yet another unreleased track, Kinda Outta Luck.

lana savior

Favorite lyric: Be careful love, the ones you choose to leave

Swan Song

Similarly to God Knows I Tried, this song’s lyrical content perfectly fits Honeymoon’s theme. Lana finally made it; she’s happy, she’s satisfied, she’s gotten everything she’s ever wished for & is now ready to let go.

The diva’s dreams were fulfilled & she’s shined enough to get over it; it’s time for someone else to change the world. Forget the fancy dresses & drop your daily grind, it’s time for you & your lover to simmer down & enjoy the sound of the ocean.

Why work so hard when you could just be free?

lana circles

Favorite lyric: Put your white tennis shoes on & follow me

Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood

It has become a standard for Lana to cover a song on each of her albums. Except for her 1st release, Born To Die, she did indeed cover Blue Velvet on her sophomore album, & The Other Woman on her third. As for Honeymoon, it looks like the songstress decided to cover Nina Simone’s 1964 Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood, but also included the riff originally added by The Animals in 1965.

While the song protrudes in the sea of Del Rey’s hymns, it remains well suited for the album, offering the listener a distinct taste & therefore adding value to the project as a whole.

Favorite lyric: I’m just a soul whose intentions are good

lana wants money

All in all, this could either be considered Lana’s best album for its concise illustration of the original ideas she’s had since record no.1, or her worse, for its repetitiveness & slower pace. Personally, I’m opting for the first alternative.

Furthermore, considering that Ultraviolence didn’t make a notable impression on the general public despite its delightful peaks, it was required from Lana to impress her audience in order for these people to buy her record, something the title track failed to do when initially released as a first taste of Honeymoon.

Therefore, if we’re talking about her next era, she needs to step it up with a charismatic lead single or offer something new if she wants to continue having a pop cultural impact. Luckily, she’s said she’s planning on taking a different approach for her next album… we’ll see!

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