Adele’s album just leaked online a few hours ago, & is just a sleep away from release. Considering that the expected 2 million first week sales are an understatement, 25 is coming for wigs & we recommend every artist out there holds on to their scalp.

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Essentially, 25’s first week sales – if not its first month – will largely be determined by its predecessor’s success. Indeed, 21 having been received as such a monumental & groundbreaking record by both critics & public, it is inevitable for its successor to destroy the charts. & Accordingly, 25‘s quality will most probably only regulate its sales once the hype is over, & will also heavily influence Adele’s future releases.

Don’t get me wrong, if a talented & genuine artist like Adele took more than 4 years to tailor a follow up for the decade defining masterpiece that is 21, I’m sure it is nothing to mess with. But the truth of the matter is, music consumers do not purchase an album based on its quality, but rather on the artist’s reputation – unless they buy it months or years after its release of course.

Naturally, the lead single will also play its role in encouraging people to buy the full album. However, in this case, Hello topped the charts simply because, well, it’s fucking Adele. Darn, she could’ve released any track off her new record & it would’ve shot to number 1 in a matter of seconds. Regardless, I still do believe her work is truly great.

Just for the sake of it – & also because I’m a big fan of receipts – here’s a glimpse of 21’s slaughter in order for you to assimilate its immensity.

It has recently been crowned Billboard’s Greatest Album of All Time

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It has won 6 Grammy awards, & with 28 million copies sold worldwide, it is the 20th best selling album of all time

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Lastly, it is the 3rd best selling album for Most Weeks at No. 1 on Billboard 200

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Also, take into consideration that it is the only album of the past 15 years to make it into the list, right under Michael Jackson’s Thriller & right ahead of Whitney Houston’s The Bodyguard.

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Obviously, I won’t allow you to make it to the end of this article without scrolling through something that’s somehow related to Lady Gaga, but I swear it’s relevant. & Here we go again!

Lady Gaga’s Born This Way sold 1.1 million copies in the US on its first week, making it the 9th biggest first week seller of all time, ranking right under NSYNC, the legendary miss Britney Spears, Taylor Swift, & a few others. Now if we’re being honest here, the general public didn’t really get into this album; its massive promotion caused an undeniable impact, but people were rushing to buy it only because Gaga had been able to build a true iconic stature prior to its release.

Consequently, given the state of decay her image was falling into after Born This Way, its successor – ARTPOP – didn’t perform as well on the charts & was shunned by the critics not for its content, but because it felt right to bring her down at the time. Indeed, although its coherence remained questionable to some, it was filled with bangers & its beats were much closer to the mainstream than Born This Way’s. & Believe me, history – or should I say, herstory – is filled with similar situations.

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Anyway, back to our glorified Adele, nothing to complain about here; it is very refreshing to see society praise an artist who exclusively focuses on the music. However, I am not shaming artists who add more elements to their artistry; I truly love it all, but it’s nice to see that music can still sell on its own, even in today’s society.

Bottom line is, Adele is a tremendously talented & humble artist who writes her own material & serves vocals for days, & that is why she deserves all the recognition she’s been getting, no matter its justification.