DISCLAIMER: this is not meant to attack or disrespect any artist’s integrity, but instead to denounce the bias of media & pop culture.

If you haven’t been drying under a rock, you’ve probably heard of Sia’s latest release, Alive, which serves as lead single off her upcoming album This is Acting. Now if you take a quick glance at its cover art, you might notice the display of a half black, half blonde wig, which is oddly reminiscent of Lady Gaga’s wig back in the Judas era:


Not to mention the striking resemblance between the wigs used for Sia’s 1000 Forms of Fear & Lady Gaga’s The Fame Monster, both heavily influenced by fear & darkness:

With that being said, wouldn’t it easy to dismiss Sia’s artistry as a rip off of Lady Gaga’s two latest albums? Of course it would, especially for media outlets that are desperately looking for a headline to capture people’s attention, no matter its accuracy. But if you dig a little deeper & analyse the material expressed through their work, you can easily understand the distinction between their artistic visions & personal struggles.

Clearly, even though Sia & Gaga deliver their work in a similarly twisted way, they each have their own ideas & ambitions. Ain’t nobody got a patent on blonde wigs!

However, when Lady Gaga showed off a ponytail 5 years ago at the Grammys, the media was very quick to associate it with Madonna’s previous acts. Not to mention her pointy breasts & the way she was criticized for stealing Madge’s iconic cone bra:

Point is, when it comes to the music industry, or even celebrity culture for that matter, the media is always trying to pit women against each other, therefore cock blocking the fertilisation of raw artistic expression, something that can only come from a place of honesty & creative freedom. So please, whoever you are, stop policing around artists’ work. In the words of Lady Gaga, “The past undergoes mitosis, becoming the originality of the future”.